I’m a young nonbinary British artist with a passion for light, colour and texture - I love painting landscapes, still life and urban scenes in oils, acrylic and watercolour.

Growing up in London, I had a happy, healthy childhood. My parents saw that I loved art from an early age and encouraged me to pursue my passion, and since then I’ve dedicated myself to developing my skills and finding my artistic voice. In 2015 I started to exhibit and sell my work, both online and at local shows. It was an exciting time for me!

And then, in January 2019, aged 24, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. I was informed that it was extensive, and that at this point, they don’t know how to cure it. All we can do is try to push it back through treatment, so that I can get on with my life normally for as long as possible.

This diagnosis came completely out of the blue. But I was adamant that I wouldn’t let it break my spirit, and so I reached for my sketchbook, promising myself I would use my creativity to push through this new challenge.

Now, I am incredibly grateful for every day I get to spend creating - whether it’s sketching people on the train, or painting a sweeping cloudscape. I am determined to make the most of every opportunity I get to capture the world around me. Art makes me feel fully alive, and gives me the chance to create something that will outlast me, and hopefully leave a positive impression.

My diagnosis has led me to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the everyday, the strength and resilience of the human spirit, and the power of positive thinking. These are the things I hope to express through my work, and I hope that you’ll enjoy following along on my artistic journey as I find new ways to do so!

I can be contacted at: jmneedham.art@gmail.com


Royston Arts Society online exhibition, 1 Oct - 1 Dec 2021


Kimpton Art Show 2019
Kimpton Art Show 2018
Courtyard Arts Open Exhibition, Hertford 2017
Kimpton Art Show 2017
Letchworth Festival Art Fair 2016
"Landscape: Urban Vs Rural" Brick Lane Gallery, London 2016
Letchworth Festival Art Fair 2015